Fragrance Hair Oil Serum
 " Le Granature "

Le Granature is a fragrance hair oil Serum.

It prevents hair color from fading and gives a moist and comfortable feeling.

Even though it is hair oil, there is no stickiness.

Earl Gray Scent

The “Earl Gray Scent ” is a rich fragrance that spreads quickly when infused with a single cup of tea. A fragrance that both men and women can enjoy as it changes from a sweet and gorgeous top note to an elegant and calm middle note. 


Le Granature Hair Oil Earl Grayr Scent

6 Fl.OZ.100ml 1,300 JPY

White Flower Scent

Bluebottle with a white flower Scent is a "sweet floral type" like the perfume of Chloe or Miss Dior.

Top Notes  Lychee, Middle Notes Freesia, Rose, Peony, Last Notes Woody, Amber, Musk,


Le Granature Hair Oil White Flower Scent 

6 Fl.OZ.100ml 1,300 JPY


Le Granature Crystal Oil Jelly White Flower Scent

0.11 lb 50g 1,300 JPY

Feminine Flower Scent

The pink bottle with a feminine flower scent is like the perfume of Lamban or Loebe "fruity-floral type". 

Top Notes Raspberry, Peach, Lemon, Middle Notes Rose, Peony, Jasmine, Last Notes Musk, Woody.

Le Granature Hair Oil Feminine Flower Scent

6 Fl.OZ.100ml 1,300 JPY


1, For the preparation of drying hair

Applying oil before drying your hair protects it from heat, dryness, and static electricity.

The oil prevents it from spreading, keeps it moist and shiny, and keeps it from getting into bed the next morning!

2, For the finish of blow-drying

After drying, apply one more push to the tips of your hair, the gloss and cohesion will increase.

3, For fragrance and styling

Please apply 1 ~ 2 pushes to dry hair. With moisture, you can style your curls beautifully. It is also good for adding some fragrance before going out.

Why hair color fades

After coloring, the hair becomes alkaline, and cuticles open, next to the dye leak out through the gaps.
Zein and Hematin repair the open cuticle of the hair and keep the dye inside the hair to prevent fading.

Four ingredients to prevent hair color fading and protect beautiful hair

The Le Granature series contains raw keratin which is the same protein as hair, and zein, hematin, as well as marine collagen, which are effective in closing cuticles. They can prevent hair coloring agents from leaking out as the cuticle opens due to ultraviolet radiation(UV), dryness, and shampoo.

Comparison of hair color retention test

[ Test Condition ]

WHILE USE Le Granature : Hair with hair dye, followed by repeated Le Granature hair oil was applied and drying 15 times.

WITHOUT USING Le Granature : Hair with hair dye, followed by repeated shampooing and drying15 times.

Contains a rich amount of organic plant ingredients

Organic Oil

Candle-nut oil, Olive oil, and Jojoba oil.

Organic Extract

Rosemary extract, Sage extract, Chamomile extract, and Rose extract.