We have released Le Granature Spring and Summer Limited Edition today.

The package has been renewed this time, and it contains natural tamanu oil which protects from strong UV rays in spring and summer and keeps your hair moist and shiny with this item.
Please enjoy your spring and summer day with this great fragrance hair oil.




We released new products , 
Le Granature Crystal Oil Jelly.

This is like a jelly but a hair oil.

It is easy to make wet hairstyle and keeping all day....! 

Le Granature Crystal Oil Jelly
Retail Price 1,200 JPY


We have an announcement for new products which is 2020 Spring and Summer Limited Edition "Le Granature Spring Flower Scent "

The scent of this hair oil is a pure and flowery sweet you must be feeling happy mood.

Also, this hair oil contains ingredients that protect your hair from UV and will be an essential item in spring and summer.

Product Name:  Le Granature Hair Oil Spring Flowe Scent

Released in 2020.Feb.20

We have an announcement about a new product for Le Granature.

This product was released to commemorate the total sales of 750,000 units.

This new product, It is easy to say that aerosol spray type of hair oil of Le Granature white flower scent.

A new feature is easier to use than normal hair oil because of aerosol spray and right weight feeling, no mess for your hands.

So you can easy to get glossy and fragrant hair in a second.
We recommend as styling agent for busy mornings.

Of course, it is also recommended as a Christmas gift.

Happy Merry Christmas.

Product Name     Le Granature Glossy Hair Oil Spray White flower scent

Released in 2019.Nov.21