Le Granature Glossy hair oil spray white flower scent

We have an announcement about a new product for Le Granature.

This product was released to commemorate the total sales of 750,000 units.

This new product, It is easy to say that aerosol spray type of hair oil of Le Granature white flower scent.

A new feature is easier to use than normal hair oil because of aerosol spray and right weight feeling, no mess for your hands.

So you can easy to get glossy and fragrant hair in a second.
We recommend as styling agent for busy mornings.

Of course, it is also recommended as a Christmas gift.

Happy Merry Christmas.

Product Name     Le Granature Glossy Hair Oil Spray White flower scent

Released in 2019.Nov.21 

Le Granature Fragrance Hair Treatment OIl

Le Granature is a fragrance hair treatment oil. It prevents hair color from fading and gives a moist and comfortable feeling. Even though it is hair oil, there is no stickiness.


  • 1000 / 1000