Happy Valentine's Day

How is your Valentine's day?

In Japan, it is only the women who give chocolate to men on Valentine’s day.

The Chocolate is Japanese say "CHOKO".

”HONMEI CHOKO” is for their boyfriend or husband or someone they are attracted to.

”GIRI CHOKO” or " TOMO CHOKO" is for friends and co-workers.

This custom comes from some chocolate companies having spread this to increase their sales. In recent years, we could easily meet the world-famous Patissier in the Department store in Tokyo at the season. 

Some department stores holding the Valentine festival and invited the famous Pattissier from worldwide and they sell chocolate directly to the customer. Of course, there are so many people and so crowded it is "Chocolate Survival". That it is Japanese one of Valentine's episode.  Sorry, It is not a romantic story...!

Happy Valentine's day ♡

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